12 comments on “Mary’s DNC Experience

  1. Most excellent. What a great report! I was so jealous of you last week, knowing you were in the middle of the action. So glad you have this great blog for us to read. Is that Al Franken glancing your way? I was surprised you liked Joe Biden’s speech. I like him as I think he’s a good fellow, but he needed to stay on script and stop ad-libbing!!! How exciting to have heard Bill Clinton speak, one of our greatest orators. btw, gorgeous decorations and colors. How many rooms do you HAVE in that house?

  2. Great DNC diary Mary!! Since, as you wrote, I was running on adrenaline all week (and for weeks before) I did not get a chance to sit back and ‘take it in’. Great memories! And I can’t believe we actually found each other among the thousands last Monday. My favorite place? The Huffington Post Oasis (corner of Mint & Stonewall). Healthy food, books, massages, yoga … all free to delegates and media (they were willing to consider The Washington Center as media 🙂 ). Ahhh ….

  3. Mary, you are a wonder in so many ways, and especially for the footwear and handling the cat… Thanks for sharing your experience with us – important memories for important events.

  4. We were one of the ones to leave Tampa to get out of the mayhem and from what I heard, we made the right choice. It appears that the DNC and Charlotte were a lot more relaxed about the whole process. Looks like a great time – you go girl!

    BTW – thanks for putting us up for the night several weeks earlier at the Strubble-Deery B&B

  5. Great commentary and photos! wonderful that you were able to be part of this (and the rooms look great, too…I personally would pay extra to have a cat in the room).

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