8 comments on “Mary and Kevin’s Great African Adventure

  1. So! Even though I took a different “African Safari”, I feel as though I’ve just been on another! You are a talented journalist and I love reading of your activities! VIVA OAT !!!

    • How sweet you are to track this down and actually read it! It was unfinished when you read it…but 90% done. After hours and hours at the keyboard, it’s just about in final form.

      Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

      Thanks, Marilyn!


      p.s. Giant HI to Dick.

  2. Mary just finished reading about your amazing vacation, and I guess we now need to add Africa to our wish list of places to visit after I retire. Loved all the photos especially the animals. Looking forward to more stories about Africa when you visit us in May. Donna

  3. Great pictures and journal. It only took a week to get to reading it. Sounds like a great adventure with many great memories, so glad you got to experience it. I’m to the age where a four star hotel and 18 holes of golf are prefered. Thanks for sharing it Mary.

  4. I really enjoyed your posting. I had the incredible opportunity to be in Tanzania last July for a month on a medical mission to Heri Hospital, north of Kigoma by the Burundi border. I fell in love with the african people there. Your pictures and journal entries took me back for a short visit today and I am grateful for your efforts in making this available online for others to read. I totally agree with you about what to bring and what not to bother with. We had a 2 day safari in Mukimi National Park at the end of our medical mission and also spent a day in Gombe. I highly suggest the expense and trouble to get to Gombe National Park and the chimps. Jane Goodalls house is still there, as are her chimps. It was truly a once in a life time experience to be so close to these animals.
    Only thing I would have done differently…take more money to buy a tanzanite jewel. I recommend the african experience to anyone wanting to really see beautiful people, the haze from the sun and heat and of course the animals.

    • We’ve never been to Kenya. We’ll put it on our list. We loved the part of Africa we did see. Do you have a blog that I could see/read?

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