3 comments on “Mary and Kevin’s Amazing Amazon, Machu Piccu and; Galapagos Adventure

  1. Well, it WAS the trip of a lifetime! I think I’ll scrub my notes and print out your notes on Peru and Ecuador for my journal – okay!!! The only thing I’ll add to my notes is “balancing an egg on the head of a nail” – only because I did it! Thanks for sharing your GIFT of writing with all of us. And hey, “Hi, Kevin!”

  2. Mary,

    We just had dinner with you, Kevin and Brian. You gave me your card, we returned to our time share, I immediately looked up your blog and found these pictures of Machu Piccu. Mary – in 2004 (I think) we took the same trip!! The Amazon, the boat, the no electricity digs, fishing for piranha – rode in the mototaxi, just looked at the cuy (guinea pig), and Bill actually brought home the dart blow gun! It ‘s a guy thing, had to have it. Unbelievable! Can’t believe the subject didn’t come up at dinner, it usually does when we travel. By far our favorite trip so far.

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